Dirty Linen Feb 28 2023 Episode 27 Spoiler, Previous Episode Recap

Dirty Linen Feb 28 2023 Episode 27 aired at 9.30 PM. In previous episode (No Escape) Feliz, who is startled to see her husband Mila, reminds Carlos and Ador about the last time someone perished in their home. As Alexa is still nowhere to be located, Rolando begins to perspire heavily.

Before that Ador tells Carlos and Leona about his previous involvement with Mia, which makes the Fieros search for their suspicious maid. After rescuing Mia from a risky scenario, Lemuel later finds a chance to quietly flirt with Mia. Mila is the subject of vicious rumours in the mansion, according to Aidan and Carlos Fury. Unknown to the fieros, this allows the vengeful maid a fresh approach to accomplishing her objectives.

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