Days of Our Lives 6/21/22; DOOL Spoilers June 21 2022

Days of Our Lives 6/21/22 (DOOL Spoilers June 21 2022) is paulina and abe decided to get married on soap’s first june 16th anniversary that’s why dion olivia returned to salem for the wedding when loved ones are touched by the wedding news and begins to plan and prepare for the big day together a father fears continues to make lani wonder about the terrible secret she shares with her kind mother.

However olivia feels there is something suspicious about her relatives and she’s not too shy to interrogate them at first everyone smiled at abe and paulina walked down the aisle but everyone knew how salem’s wedding went days says that the ghostly tiara will once again appear in lonnie’s imagination and it is this appearance that will make lonnie shaken when tiara sneaks in behind her.

Tiara will mock lonnie because she let paulina fall by shooting him although paulina will be released on bail tiara may wonder if lonnie will really shut up and watch paulina land behind bars. For upcoming episode spoiler info follow zeal study web portal.