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Datta Jayanti Chya Hardik Shubhechha 2020 Wishes Images Quotes WhatsApp Status

Datta Jayanti Chya Hardik Shubechha 2020 Wishes, Images, Quotes, WhatsApp Status. All over India today Tuesday, 29th December 2020 celebrated Dattatreya Jayanti (Hindu Festival) as a birthday celebrations. Dattaterya is a Hindu god. According to the Wikipedia Dattatreya a combined form of the Hindu male divine trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Guru Dattatreya gave Ashtanga yoga also called as eight fold path of yoga that is Yama (truthfulness, non-receiving of any gifts. Moral discipline), Second is Niyama (Study and Self-Surrender to god), Third one is Asana (Posture), fourth one is Pranayama (Breath Control Exercises), Fifth is Pratyahara (Withdrawal Of Senses From Sense Objects.

Also, sixth is Dharana (Concentration) and Seventh is Dhyana (Meditation and Knowledge), Eighth one is Samadhi (The State Of Being Merged With The God).

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