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CM Uddhav Thackeray Addressed the people says avoid firecrackers on Diwali


CM Uddhav Thackeray Addressed the people of Maharashtra State today and says all these 6 to 8 months the cooperation we have all received is unmatched. So that’s why we are little less stressed now.  Also, CM says Although stress-free, the only possibility I have in my mind is the possibility of the next, second wave, not to come, that is the prayer, and for that too I expect the cooperation of all of you.

Honorable CM of Maharashtra says Gradually everything has opened up, almost all transactions have come to a standstill. The crowd is growing, it’s good to grow, it’s a sign of vitality. However, this is where you need to be careful and I am communicating with you today to make the same request.

As you can see, in the last few days, in Mumbai-Pune, in Maharashtra, with all our efforts, we have brought down the ups and downs of the corona. But the number is rising elsewhere in the country, especially in Delhi.


The reason for the increase in numbers in Delhi is that what I have heard is pollution. So, why ban firecrackers while celebrating Diwali? Do you want to continue life by banning everywhere and tightening the laws? Can’t we do our own thing as you have done so far?.

If there is still no vaccine and the virus is spreading due to pollution, can we avoid playing polluting firecrackers on Diwali? What we have achieved so far, what we have earned should not be wasted in four days! So I urge you not to set off firecrackers in public places.

To the community, play as many limited fireworks as you can without bothering each other. I’m not bringing any emergency on you at all! Let’s not just say no to firecrackers, let’s celebrate this festival with joy in each other’s faith


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