Choti Sardarni 1 September 2020 Written Update: Sarabjeet Not File Complaint

Choti Sardarni 1 September 2020 Written Update begins with sarabjeet and meher. Meher holds sarabjet phone says ask him to raise complaint. But sarabjeet said josh say nahi hosh say. Later mehar says someone come to our house, know the password and went to dubai & try to open the locker but we wait. Then sarabjeet said just think seriousness of case because some politics behind on it, Mehar says think about 100 times and leave from their.

After that param asking to his little brother karan what do you think both dad and mom fight each other. Later kulwant think about what ramlal says. Other end bittu, rana asking parota to his sister-in-law. When kulwant listen what bittu said come and beat them.

Choti Sardarni 1 September 2020 Written Update

Later sister-in-law asking to kulwant what is the work but kulwant denied her. In the night time param sleep between mehar and sarab think herself to build relation between father and mother then started small drama. Later sarabjeet asking to mehar why you touch me mehar says no. After that sarab says if we raise police complaint no use then mehar says i have one idea i.e asking to vikram for breakfast asking him to apologize. Sarab say what iam saying to you no use for me and sleep as it is their places. After that param wake up beaten his head.

Other day vikram said to inspector please search manav sharma file because DSP sir asking to seen his file. Then inspector says file missing (Kulwant fired that file), Vikram gets angry. Later inspector says i remember DSP sir vo fir sarabjeet singh ko kaheno ko liki. Vikram asking SI are you sure.

Later vikram deewan phone to sarabjeet. Then after sarabjeet lift the phone, Vikram says aapko thoda waqt chahiye tha. Vikram explain i will investigated a new case of a young man called manav sharma (Once sarab listen what vikram said he remembered manav father come to book missing case) do you know him. Sarab says yes i know he his missing. Vikram says do you know him. Sarabjeet says yes he his my friend but he missed suddenly. Mehar listen what sarab said and gets shocked.

Other end sarab said to vikram i will cooperated you for this case and i know you went to dubai and open my locker but i am not registered case on you