Celebrities requests to people to participate in Janata Curfew

Due to Covid-19 Scare Prime Minster Narendra Modi request to people to participate in Janata Curfew. All over India janata curfew held on 22nd March 2020 from morning 7.00 AM to Night 9.00 PM. The main cause of Janata Curfew to stop mass gatherings & stop covid-19 spreed. Because of mass gatherings at highways, function halls, movie theaters if any one have coronavirus it’s spreed others.

As per the latest update MOHFW India active covid-19 cases across India is 231 (As on 21.03.2020 at 9.00 AM). So to decrease the covid-19 cases Hon’ble Prime Minister declare the Janata Curfew on tomorrow.

Celebrities Requests To People To Participate In Janata Curfew 

Akshay Kumar:-

An excellent initiative by PM Narendra Modi ji this sunday, march 22 from 7 am to 9 pm let’s join in the Janata Curfew and show the world we are together in this social distancing

Shah Rukh Khan:-

It’s imp 2 reduce social interaction 2 minimum. Self quarantine. The idea of Janata Curfew on Sunday means to this end & we should continue this concept at personal level as much as we can & more. We need to slow down time to arrest the virus spread. Be safe & healthy all.

Kiara Advani:-

It’s our turn now guys. We are all in this together. Our prime minster has asked us to come together and show our solidarity during this time so we realise the gravity of the situation and stand united Janata Curfew on sunday 22nd March from 7am to 9pm. Stay safe stay home.

Sachin Tendulkar:- Janata Curfew is the right in keeping ourselves prepared for any eventuality. Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi ji has rightly said that all of us should take the fight against covid-19 very seriously

Virat Kohli:- Be alert, attentive and aware to combat the threat posed by the covid-19. We, as responsible citizens, need to adhere to the norms put in place for our safety as announced by our honorable Prime minister shri narendra modi ji.