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Canada Lotto 649 Jan 20 2021 Winning Numbers: Check draw break and sales re-open time

Canada Lotto 649 Jan 20 2021 Winning Numbers for encore and guaranteed prize draw announced after 10: 30 PM. Also, sales re-open for next draw is 10:40 PM and validate current draw is 4.00 AM next day. Who are purchase the tickets for this lotto required to visit official site to know the results for encore and main prize, encore cash winners details. These draw close time is 10: 30 PM (Wednesday) and Sales Close time is 2:00 AM. So who are looking to purchase tickets of lotto 6/49 check the instructions before buy and follow only official portal regular updates.

Past results announced Jan 16, 2021 (Saturday) and winning numbers is 09, 10, 21, 28, 35, 43 Plus 34 (Bonus). Also encore numbers is 6786433. Main Prize Matches 6/6 Tickets Won is 0, Matches 5/6+Bonus Tickets Won 0, 5/6 Matches Tickets Won is 80, 4/6 Matches Tickets Won is 4,105 and Matches 3/6 Tickets Won is 77,169 and Also, 2/6+Bonus Tickets Won is 48,353. Also encore cash winners is 157, 627 and Guaranteed Prize Draw Cash Winner is 1, Matches is 48396220-01.

Lotto 649 Results Jan 20 2021 Details provided once released. Follow zeal study web portal winning number plus bonus number details. Here it is the today announced numbers i.e 02, 05, 18, 23, 29, 47 +45 (Bonus)

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