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CA Fantasy 5 Results Dec 20 2020: Check California Fantasy 5 Winning Numbers

CA Fantasy 5 Results Dec 20 2020 announced today according to the schedule. Draw days and Entry Close Times at 6.30 PM. So who are looking for winning numbers they are follow official website and get latest update of California State Lottery. Here below provided past draw that is 9905 (Saturday 19th, 2020) results and winning numbers.

Dec 19 2020 Winning Number is 26, 29, 30, 33, 37 and detail draw matching numbers matched 5 of 5 numbers is winning tickets is 0 and prize amounts $76,000. Matched 4 of 5 numbers and winning tickets 106 and prize amounts $434, Matched 3 of 5 numbers winning tickets is 3,394 and Prize is $16 and also Matched 2 of 5 Numbers is 37,433. Total winning tickets 40,933.

For more details respective lotto result provided once announced. So all the persons to know respective information i.e result release time follow authorized portal only. Who are not yet verified Dec 18, 2020, Dec 17, 2020 visit official site.

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