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Brahmarakshas 2 20th December 2020 Written Update: Vardhan turnd as a brahmarakshas

Brahmarakshas 2 20th December 2020 Written Update for Today Episode Promo. Kalindi, Angad walking in forest. Few minutes of walk kalindi foot touches a rock and fallen on the ground. When kalindi fallen at that time her hand knee hits ground and blodd come out from her hand. After that angad seen kalindi situation and helped her.

When angad helps kalindi vardhan seen them and smell blood taste of kalindi and slowly turned as a brahmarakshas running away from angad and kalindi. At that time both angad and kalindi listen listen mystories sounds but they do not know brahmarakshas running away from them.

Today episode of Brahmarakshas 2 aired on Zee TV on 9.00 PM. Also this episode available on Zee5 Premium Subscribers. To know latest updates of today episode follow zeal study web portal.

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