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Brahmarakshas 2 2 January 2021 Written Update: Kalindi Kills Brahmarakshas

Brahmarakshas 2 2 January 2021 Written Update begins with brahmarakshas taken kalindi into the cave. At that time prithvi and his wife shocked to seen kalindi, Gehna said to rakshas this is the time your waif for it and said to rakshas sit along with kalindi and complete your marriage with her and no one stops you and you must completed your aim. Also gehna said today is good day once completed your marriage with kalindi she will helps you completed your aim.

After that vardhan and kalindi sit on the mandap, gehna performing the marriage rituals. At that time pruthvi, shalini crying and kalindi gets conscious and seen what happen to her and asking to kalimatha please help me. Later angad gets conscious and drive the car and searching for kalindi. Gehna said to shalini come with me and performing kanyadan. Shalini said she is not my daughter so why we done kanyadan. Gehna said come with me and said what iam done.

Shalini, Pruthvi performing what gehna said, Vardhan smiles at that time anagad comes to cave and stops. Other end unknown mystory lady comes to raghav and said to him this is the time. Later angad brings the milk and spread on kalindi. Vardhan gets angry on angad, Gehna said to angad what are you doing when marriage is happens. Kalindi said i don’t like this marriage, Angad hugs kalindi. Later vardhan turned as a brahmrakshas. Then angad said to kalindi brahmarakshas death in your hands. Kalindi asking to angad how can i kill him.

Later angad given knife to kalindi and unknown women along with raghav praise the kali matha other end kalindi holds the weapon and kill the brahmarakshas. To know full story of Brahmarakshas 2 2 January 2021 Follow

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