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Bhaag Beanie Bhaag IMDb Review Rating: This comedy series released on Dec 4th


Bhaag Beanie Bhaag IMDb Review Rating is 2.1 out of 10. This web series released on Netflix, From 4th December 2020 on words it’s available on this OTT App. Staring for this series Swara Bhaskar as Beanie Bhatnagar, Varun Thakur as a Arun Kalra, Hetvi Karia as Hetvi Karia and Adtiya Belnekar as a Aditya Belnekar.

Creators for this tv show is Neel Shah, Ravi Patel. The synopsis of the Bhaag Beanie Bhaag is Facing Disapproving Parents, a Knotty love life and her own inner critic, an aspiring comic ditches her cushy but unsatisfying life to stand-up. Here it is the all episodes synopsis. So check synopsis of all episodes.

Episode 1 Synopsis is Unhappy at work and engaged to a man who doesn’t understand her, aspiring stand-up comic Beanie realizes she’s on the fast track to a discontented life. Also, Episode 2 Synopsis is As Ravi and Kapi try to get an anxious Beanie back on stage, she deals with the reactions of her boss, parents and Arun to her big decisions.


Also, Episode 3 Synopsis is Despite her parents’ concerns, Beanie goes full throttle on her new plans, until Ravi makes her take a day off with him. Episode 4 Synopsis is Visits with a therapist force Beanie’s parents to face ignored truths. As Beanie begins to let her guard down with Ravi, a discovery throws her of.

Episode 5 Synopsis is Reeling from recent quarrels, Beanie agrees to perform at a wedding, where she runs into some unexpected guests and gets unabashedly real on stage. Also, Episode 6 Synopsis is Ahead of an exciting opportunity, Beanie considers making peace with her parents, acting on resurfaced feelings and staying true to her dreams.


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