BGMI 2.0 Update Download from official website, info

BGMI 2.0 Update download from official website only. is not an official website. Battle Grounds Mobile India finally brings the May Update to you that is 2.0 Update Version. From today update version distribution for iOS (Apple App Store) available on May 13 (Fri) 16:00, AOS (Google Play) available on today 12.30- 21:30.

If install the latest version must recommend a wi-fi environment if possible because when updating as lots of mobile data can be consumed. Also after completion updating process entering the 2.0.0 update version for the first time on a device using Android 12 version, error message ‘Unknown error. Please restart the device and try again. Error code: 3’ pops up and if touched ‘Try Again’, resource gets restored, but need to download additional resources.

How To BGMI 2.0 Update Download

Step 1: Visit first

Step 2: Choose iOS/ AOS download

Step 3: Wait for page redirected to update page

Step 4: After that proceed to update.