Barrister Babu 6 October 2021 Written Update: Bondita Makes A Decision

Barrister Babu 6 October 2021 Written Update Telly Updates For Episode 382 Season 1. Trilochan, Anirudh, Bondita stand together. At that time anirudh’s uncle trilochan speaking with his daughter-in-law bondita how many times i am asking to you please pray for god to save anirudh from this case. Bondita silently listen her uncle words.

At that time bondita husband anirudh said to his wife please give some responsibility to the god to save my life and do pooja because you will get what you want. Then bondita think herself and said to her husband ok i will do pooja. Then trilochan think himself if bondita done pooja may be our problems solved easily. After that bondita decides to perform the pooja for the sake of anirudh’s life and help accomplish their goal.

In previous episode waiting to find some proof about anirudh’s case, Bondita begins following a suspicious individual and ends up at an abandoned structure. To know what happen in Barrister Babu next episode follow zeal study.