Barrister Babu 5 April 2021 Written Update: Will Bondita Learn Manorama’s Truth

Barrister Babu 5 April 2021 Full Episode begins with Bondita performing dance title track in frent of villagers and family members. Once completion of the dance villagers appreciate bondita. After bondita decided to thrown colors on Anirudh and holds colors, move towards to anirudh when he stand alone. At the same time manorama along with her parents comes to anirudh, Anirudh welcomes them, Bondita to seen manorama and her parents feels shocked. After that anirudh informed to his uncle, father today i will celebrated first holi with my wife. Manorama, Sampoorna smiles to listen anirudh words.

Bondita feels sad and think herself anirudha can’t feel happy to seen me. After that anirudh feels sad to seen bondita. Other end bihar holds drinks plate. Once bihar carry drinks Manorama also taken the drinks glass and mix something on drinks. Other end anirudh stars dancing in frent of villagers and asking to manorama to dance with him. After that manorama joins with anirudh, Bondita feels sad. Later bondita joins with anirudh and performing dance. At that time bondita holds colors and try to thrown on anirudh. Anirudh try to escape from her and think him self at any cost you must concentrated on studies.

Later bondita searching for anirudh. Other end Anirudh father dance with Sampoorna, Trilochan feels bad to seen their dance. Later trilochan also dance with binoy, sampoorna. After that bihari joins with trilochan. All the villagers encouraged them. At that time bonditha joins with trilochan and bihari. After that unknown person speak with manorama and informed to her let’s starts our mission. and try to given something. Suddenly her parents holds her hand and asking to performing dance.

After that manorama holds colors plate, bonditha seen her and decided to her self my self initially thrown colors on anirudh, running towards anirudh and thrown manorama plate and thrown colors on anirudh.