Barrister Babu 21 July 2020 Written Update: Doctor Says No To Anirudh

Barrister Babu 21 July 2020 Written Update. Both bondita, anirudh meets doctor. Anirudh said bontia please do not feel shy, answer the all questions which is asked by doctor. But doctor said to anirudh i can’t check her please leave from here. Then anirudh ask to doctor why what happen, why your saying like that, Suddenly anirudh find a wine bottle which is used by binoy roy choudary. Later anirudh realized, ask to doctor if you want money i will give you but doctor says no.

Then after both bondita, anirudh come out side from hospital. Bondita says to barrister babu i will think how to answers the questions which is asked by doctor but he can’t me ask anything. Why we are came out side from the hospital. Then both came to home. At that time binoy roy said to bihari change clothes which is used by anirudh room at the same time clean his room also with in 3 days.

Barrister Babu 21 July 2020 Written Update

Then anirudh came to hall said to binoy roy why did you give money to doctor to stop check bondita. At that time trilochan roy ask to anirudh do you think whoom you talk he his your father. Please ask him sorry. Then anirudh said ok i will ask sorry but why he his doing that bottle to doctor. Then trilochan what he did is correct or not but if villagers know about bondita disease just think what happen to our family. But anirudh lose his temper, hits a mug but suddenly cut his arm. Then trilochan ask to bihari to bring doctor here. But anirudh say to bihar no don’t go. But trilochan said to anirudh please do first aid, said to bihari go and bring doctor here. For more barrister babu written update tomorrow episode follow zeal study portal