Barrister Babu 20 July 2020 Written Update: Soudamini Manipulates Bondita

Barrister Babu 20 July 2020 Written Update. Today Episode starts with trilochan and his brother binoy roy. Binoy Roy said to his brother after listen my conditions anirudh withdraws his decision to take his wife to hospital. But suddenly Anirudh comes with bucket of water to clean floor and clothes, after completion cleaning clothes he said to his father now we are going to meet doctor. After that both anirudh and bondita went to meet doctor suddenly saudamini stand out side and think her self why they are ready and went out. After that anirudh said to saudamini we both went to hospital to meet doctor please pray. Then Bondita said to anirudh you can’t listen my prayer why god listen to you. Then bondita asks help to soudamaini.

After that anirudh said to bondita stay here driver came here and If doctor asking you anything please answer. Don’t feel shy. After that they are went hospital. But suddenly soudamini call to bondita, said ca,e out side. At the same time anirudh explained to doctor what exactly bondita problem. Then doctor said once after checking your wife i will written some medicines for it. After that anirudh came out side to take bondita to meet doctor but bondita went out side along with soudamini, ready run away from hospital. Anirudh search for bondita at outside of the hospital, finally found bondita.Once she found anirudh ask her why you runaway from hospital. Who help you i know you can not do your self, who help you

I find now who help you. Then bondita ask to anirudh please went to home. But barrister babu taken into hospital. For more updates please follow zeal study