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Barrister Babu 13th July 2020 Written Update Season 01 Episode 42

Barrister Babu 13th July 2020 Written Update. In this Episode 42 Bondita dressed as a boy and attends the fest that is hosted for the saints. But Bondita able to maintain the facade or will her deception be exposed check in this episode.

Today Episode started with Bondita. She is dressed up like a boy, went to out side. Before went out side she is pray durga matha to save the day. At the same time brahmin saint ask to trilochan roy choudary your daughter in law come here. At that time trilochan says my daughter in law doing job. Once completion of work yes he his defiantly come here.

At that time Bondita dressed up like a boy and stand behind the brahmin saint & listen what thay said, Trilochan roy choudary ask to saints to eat prasadam. When saints try to pooja before eating prasad bondita think her self to pass the saints without noiselessly but she is sneezed behind the sofa.

Trilochan Roy listen sound & ask who is that. At that time saint ask trilochan to he his your batuk nath, but trilochan replay to saint he his going to school he his not batuk nath and ask bondita who are you.

Bondita say my batuk friend, come here to play with him. Trilochan Roy ask here you dont know batuk in school now. Bondita Replay to him past few days onwords we are friends. I dont know he his in the school that why i came here to play with him but he his not here right now so i will go now from here.

While she leave the house Saint ask to stop and please taste the prasadam. At the same time Saudamini Rathod came and ask to serve the prasadam. But when eating prasadam every one know bondita not a boy, saint feel angry and say how dare to sit with your daughter in-law