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Baca Manga One Piece Chapter 1002: Check release date, spoiler for new episode

Baca Manga One Piece Chapter 1002 available mangaplus according to the schedule. The new episode named as Yonkou vs Generation continuation for the episode 1001 aired on this Sunday January 31st, 2021. Here it is the release time of the One Piece New Episode will be different in several regions i.e around 9 AM on Sunday Pacific Time, Around 11 AM on Sunday (Central Time), Noon on Sunday (Eastern Time). Also, 5 PM on Sunday (British Time).

Here it is the spoiler for new episode is At the beginning, Kaido began to show off his strength through the Destructive Wind style. Law used the room to avoid the attack. Meanwhile, Luffy jumped up and Zoo fought the attack. On the other hand, Kid did not hold back or resist the attack. Even though it wasn’t a real body, Kaido’s attack still managed to ravage it.

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