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Apex Legends Update 1.59 Patch Notes: Today’s Update Fixed The Missing Textures On Some Skins

Apex Legends Update 1.59 Patch Notes latest updates provided here. Many players have been having trouble playing apex legends due to the login bugs but Respawn great move fixed several character skins with grey, untextured hand models on consoles and several stability fixes. Also Respawn still investigating issues preventing some players from logging in. Also another update from Apex Legends that is Anniversary Collection event extended until march 2.

Other then today’s 1.59 update for apex legends fixed the mixed textures on some skins audio fix in apex legends is coming on February 29. For more information regarding Apex Legends follow zeal study web portal regularly. Here in this portal provided each and every update regarding Apex Legends along with free fire, fortnite.

Another update i.e A Respawn dev has confirmed that Wraith dropped from the Number 1 pick to 4th in Season 8,

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