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Anupama Written Update 6 January 2021, Episode 153: Has vanraj changed

Anupama 6 January 2021 Written Update for Episode 153 begins with anu comes to her uncle said to him doctors said shah don’t eat masala. At that time kavya comes to shah home on taxi and think herself because of mine shah leaves anu now because of anu shah leave me and at any cost i can’t happen like this. All the family members comes to shah said to him get well soon, pakhi think about kinjal. After that shah said thanks to sanju. Later samar helps to his dad, leela said don’t feel bad, pakhi said to her dad i will prepared coffee for you.

At home kavya thinks why shah think about me and feel sad and close the freez door & that time she identified shah photo. Shah asking to his mom where is kinjal and tosh. Leela said they went outside, shah said i am feel happy to return home. Shah said when iam met accident i can seen all the family members and crying. Leela crying and said to her son you are most important. At that time kavya phone to shah, shah switch off his phone and thrown his phone. Kavya think why shah switch off his phone and think herself he is sleep, anu did his phone switch off. After that kavya phone to anu said to her i will speak with shah because someone switch off his phone. Anu said i don’t about his phone, Leela comes to anu and drag her phone said to kavya don’t call her and you can’t speak with vanraj at anytime.

Samar comes to his mom and asking her how you feel now. Anu said ok, Samar said today i have dance class and i met nandini. Leela comes to kitchen asking to her prepared food for shah. Anu said ok, Leela asking to anu please stop dance classes. Anu said i will prepared what shah wants but i can’t stop dance classes. Then leela said my body can’t support to do work, pakhi is still child so please stop dance classes. Anu asking to leela please stop asking like this. Samar comes to medical shop to buy medicine for his father, Nandini also comes to medical shop and met samar. Samar explained what present situation of his mom. Nandini said yes anu aunty feel stress.

Shah wakeup and holds the phone and think herself speaking with ceo and asking about medical insurance. Later kavya phone to shah but he cuts the call. Kavya again call to shah at that time shah lift the phone call and said to her we end her and said good bye. Then kavya asking to shah how you feel now. Shah said iam live now, Kavya asking to shah i will meet you please agree for that. But shah said good bye. Anu brings to leela and asking to her please taken this soup for shah. Leela silently sit, hasmuk asking to anu i will taken this. Anu said no i will taken this. Leela smiles and anu entered shah room when he speaking with kavya. Shah angry on kavya and thrown his phone. Anu helps shah when he try to taken his phone.

After that kavya cut the phone call, anu given soup to shah and leaves his room. Samar comes to home, anu angry on samar and asking to him why getting late. Samar hugs his mom and said sorry to her. Later samar, anu comes to shah room. Then anu given medicine to shah. Then shah said sorry to anu.

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