Anupama 9 September 2021 Written Update: Vanraj asking anuj about factor

Anupama 9 September 2021 Written Update For Season 1 Episode 362. When anuj went from shah home vanraj said to anuj i would like to talk to you regarding our factory. At that time kavya stands behind vanraj, Anu stands silently and looking shah side. Then anuj said until my legal team studies the property papers it is pointless to discuss about that.

At that shah feels angry and anuj went out and sit inside the car. When anuj leave the home shah comes to the anu and says why are you standing here now and said laddus are being distributed. Then anu said good manners are being distributed too and even you should learn some. Also anu says when a guest comes, we should receive him at the door and when he leaves we should send him off too.

After that anu went inside the home and shah think himself. In previous episode while the shahs get thrilled to welcome anuj into their home, kavya decided to utilise the situation for personal gain. Later they enjoy playing dandiya.

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