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Anupama 9 November 2020 Written Update: Hasmukh Suffers a Heart Attack


Anupama 9 November 2020 Written Update for Star Plus Hindi Serial Telly Updates. Today Episode 103 released today on Disney Plus Hotstar  for subscribers (Premium/VIP) Monthly/ Yearly. Today episode begins with kavya hugs vanraj and asking to him let’s we went to restaurant. Vanraj says yes but kavya says you physically here but your soul at home. Vanraj says i feel stress. Kavya angry on vanraj. Then vanraj says iam today spend time you and said to kavya i will informed to my family.

Samar speaks with nandini and asking to her diwali plans. Nandini says nothing, Samar says good night. Nandini says i like you samar. After that samar asking to nandini what are you saying after good night. Nandini informed to him i like you and went to home. Samar Dance.

After that vanraj phone to home, Hasmukh lift the phone. Vanraj says dad i am not come to home because i have meeting with international clients, After that i will went to restaurant for dinner. Kavya smiles because of vanraj lie to his family. Hasmukh says yes, Vanraj put his phone silent mode. Leela, Anu and Her Daughter set all the clothes.

Hasmukh informed to anu vanraj not comes to home today night because he have meeting with clients. Leela backs vanraj. Hasmukh angry on leela but leela shouts on anu and hasmukh. Anu asking to her uncle please be patient other wise your BP levels increasing.


Later Hasmukh went to his room and suddenly fallen on the floor. Anu and her daughter seen him, Anu asking to sweety phone to dad. Sweety phone her dad but vanraj can’t lift the phone. Vanraj hugs kavya. Anu phone to doctor, doctor said i will send my assistant. Other end vanraj asking to kavya may i prepare coffee for you. Kavya says no and Vanraj try to touches his phone. Kavya don’t touch your phone.

Samar and his uncle comes to home. On the ways samar informed uncle nandini says i like you. Doctor comes to anu house and informed to anu hasmukh in serious condition. Samar comes to home and seen his grand dad position. Anu asking to samar let’s bring door number 11 car. Samar brings the car and anu, hasmukh, samar went to hospital. Paritosh comes to home and know the situation. After that paritosh says i will go his office and informed to him about grand dad, taken him to hospital.

Anu, Samar reached the hospital, Hasmukh in ICU. Doctor come outside from ICU, Anu asking to doctors, Doctor says he his serious condition, we try our best. Samar phone to vanraj but his phone still unreachable. Anu asking to samar let’s phone to kavya, but she’s phone not reachable.


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