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Anupama 9 February 2021 Written Update: Episode 182 Anu life in grave danger

Anupama 9 February 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 182. Today episode promo begins with anu and students to seen fires spread all over the cross shouts and crying. Sweety recognized anu and other students inside the class room which effected with fire and phone shah. Shah asking to sweety what happen to anu. Pakhi explains anu situation and shah feels tension and think about himself what can i do.

After that someone comes to class room which effected with fires and broken the glasses secure the children’s one by one. Then after when try to secure anu she suddenly fallen on the floor from the table and went unconscious mode. Once samar, shah know about the situation decided themselves to reach the school at any cost.

At outside pakhi feels scare to think about her mom anu. Both shah and samar in the middle way of the school. To know Anupama 9th February 2021 Episode i.e who saved anupama from the danger or both shah, samar reached the school or not follow zeal study web portal. Today episode release on Disney Plus Hotstar today 6.00 AM for vip subscribers.

In previous episode Anu reached the kavya home when she know kavya registered complaint on samar. Once reached the kavya house anu warns kavya and said to shah do not involved in our children’s matter. Kavya takes back the complaint because of anu’s strong warning. Later anu life in grave danger at school. Today episode story provided soon follow more updates

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