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Anupama 9 December 2020 Written Update Episode 129: Kavya’s diabolical Ploy

Anupama 9 December 2020 Written Update For Season 1 Episode 129 begins with pakhi’s birthday celebrations. All the family members performing dance, pakhi post the live on her instagram both kavya and vanraj seen the live. After that pakhi cut the cake and all the family members wish her & vanraj phone to pakhi phone to wish her. Pakhi lift the phone and vanraj wish happy birthday. At that time kavya comes to video call and wish her. But pakhi feel sad but anupama says smiles.

After that shah said we will met tomorrow. Pakhi says i went to movie with my friends after that we will met. Shah said ok. Day changed anu comes to pakhi room and asking to her wake up. Pakhi wakeup on bed and said i love you mom, pakhi asking to her mom today no one create a problem in this house. Anu said ok. At kavya home she prepared cake for pakhi birthday and anu also did same for pakhi. Shah seen kavya feels happy but kavya think about her plan.

Pakhi spend time with her friends and comes to her home. But middle way one of the friend says to pakhi we will arranged a surprise for you. Pakhi says i love surprise. At anu home all set for pakhi birthday celebrations. After that shah wishes pakhi and given gift to her and said kavya plans this surprise. Kavya met pakhi and says happy birthday, pakhi says thankyou and said to her my mom waiting for me. But friends says let’s enjoy the party. Pakhi agree for that.

Anu try to pakhi but her phone engaged, kavya think anu phone to pakhi but this party not over yet. Kinjal mom phone to her, kinjal said i am at friends home. Anu wait for pakhi at home but pakhi dance with her friends.

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