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Anupama 8 January 2021 Written Update Telly Updates: Kinjal’s Firm Decision

Anupama 8 January 2021 Written Update Telly Updates for Episode 155. Today episode is Kinjal’s Firm Decision released on Disney Plus Hotstar for VIP Subscribers. Today episode begins with shah sleep on bed, samar said to his father i will bring water for you. After that shah asking to his father it’s to late you also taking rest. Hasmukh said yes it’s to late, shah given his hand and asking to sit with him. Hasmukh sit with shah and shah said sorry to hasmukh what happen between tosh marriage. Hasmukh said it’s ok it’s new year don’t do new mistakes and try to leave his room but shah holds his dad hands. Hasmukh asking to shah leave the hand, shah leave it. Samar comes to his dad room given water to him informed to him if anything want call me.

Day changed samar bring gift to his mom i.e watch. Hasmukh also feels happy to seen gift and asking to anu let’s the your work. Samar asking to anu you don’t think about home and dad. Me and grand father think about home and papa. Samar leaves anu, anu said to hasmukh don’t feel tension i will take care about home and asking to anu come to kitchen and seen what happen. Anu comes to kitchen and seen samar prepared curry, pakhi cutting vegitables, Leel prepared tea. Anu asking to don’t do this, Hasmukh said you do must for family so we are all done. Later all the family members sit on dining area, leela asking to hasmukh where is anu. At that time shah comes dinning hall, Anu also comes to dinning hall and informed to hasmukh i will completed my work and samar seen everything what shah wants.

Leela said to anu you going to work and samar work at home. Shah said to his mom ok mom and your are all with me. Also, shah said all the best to anu when she went for work. When shah said all the best anu feels happy. Other end kavya listen shah voice message and think herself what happen to shah. Also kavya think shah angry on me and anu taken advantage of this so i will do something and destroy anu, shah relation. Anu buy fruits for family members and hasmukh and leela other family members waiting for anupama. At that time anu comes to home, Leela said to anu first day of the jon and getting late to home. Anu said i will buy apples that’s why getting late.

When they speaking each other kinjal and paritosh shouts happy new year. All the family members says happy new year to tosh and kinjal. Later kinjal, Tosh seen shah, Tosh asking to shah what happen. Shah said nothing it’s small accident. Tosh asking to anu why can’t informed you. Anu says you feel tension that’s why i can’t informed you. Leela asking to kinjal why you stand like this go go to shah and taking blessings. Kinjal asking to shah how are you.

Also, Shah said fine, Kinjal asking to shah if you are fine why you are staying here go to your home. Leela said it’s his home, Kinjal says no it’s not his home it’s my mom home. Tosh asking to kinjal don’t say like this. Leela said kinjal behave with me very rude. Kinjal says iam sorry tosh because if shah stay here i can’t stay here. Anu said we will discuss later. At that time leela said my son can’t go from here, Kinjal said it’s ok i will went from here. Anu asking to kinjal please listen my words, Kinjal says no. Shah feels bad, Leela said you think like queen

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