Anupama 8 December 2020 Written Update: Kavya Alternative Plan For Birthday Party

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Anupama 8 December 2020 Written Update begins with hasmukh asking vanraj taken kavya with you and informed to him also if to do anything for your children, this hous must informed to kavya initially. Shah said ok, asking to kavya let’s come with me. Kavya asking to him why but shah holds kavya hands take her with him and asking to her sit inside the car. Kavya sit in the car, Leela said herself my son not feel happy at kavya house also.

Samar said to nandini if we made or not made other relationships don’t collapse friendship. Nandini says ok & both are performing dance. Shah asking to kavya may i speak with you and said to her you went to my house and you fight with my family. Kavya said i don’t want your explanation but i am angry on you hide the matter. Later shah said if every time i will asking to your permission for when i send money to my children, when i spend time with them i can’t do that and not possible for me. Shah said my parents is god for me and my children is my love so i can’t leave them for you.


Sweety comes to hasmukh, anu, samar if papa comes to here very special for me, Also, sweety said i went shopping with papa. Samar asking to her let’s come with me but sweety denied. Anu said ok went with papa for shopping. Day changed kinjal meet tosh at park, tosh hugs kinjal. Kinjal said i miss you, Tosh said i miss you too. After that tosh show ring to kinjal, try to wear but kinjal said my mom plan to send me united states.

Sweety comes to shah office and given surprised to her father. Shah asking to where you celebrated the birthday party. Sweety said at home, shah said ok and i will bring the cake for your birthday. Kavya seen them and said hi to sweety. Once kavya entered the shah office room sweety leave the office. Shah informed to kavya about birthday party and said to her i will went to my home for birthday party. Then kavya said to shah i will done something best for sweety i.e celebrated birthday party at outside the house before she celebrated the party at home. Shah said ok, tosh brings kinjal to his home, leela and other family accepted kinjal presence

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