Anupama 7 May 2022 Written Update: Mika Singh performs during sangeet

Anupama 7 May 2022 Written Update Tellyupdate for episode 571 spoiler is Mika singh singing & dancing anu, anuj sangeet. All the family members participated in the sangeet. Before that shah, anuj went somewhere, suddely shah stops the car at mountain view point, come out from the car. Anuj also come out from the car.

Then shah said today i am speaking you will listen to me and understand it because you have no other option. Anuj thinking, shah walk towards anuj. To know shah speaking with anuj about his children’s or speaking about his family, what anuj replied to shah subscribe Disney Plus Hotstar for monthly or annually.

In last episode of Anupama Seria is whilte vanraj’s children speak fondly of anuj, he fears losing them later, anuj and anupama share emotional moment when he asks her about her desires. Before that anuj takes anupama to their college and reminisces about the old days with her. Elsewhere, vanraj gets doubtful about hasmukh’s secret.

Anupama 7 May 2022 Written Episode

GK attempts to conceal hasmukh’s well being report. He says none ought to track down the reports at any expense. GK stows away in the pantry. Malvika shares with devika that assuming she has an opportunity to lay her hands on Vanraj than she would have squashed him in the combination. She says thanks to Devika to help her in crushing the mehendi. Malvika shares with Devika that she brought gifts for Shah’s nevertheless she will give them stowing away from Anuj. Malvika takes the gift and Hasmuk’s report falls in one of the pack as well.

Shah is decorated in accordance with the purple theme for anupam’s mehindi and sangeet. Kavya says that she will also put the mehindi. She asks rakhi if he doesn’t wear mehindi. Rakhi says he’s just here to enjoy himself. Pakhi congratulates Kanta.Kanta says she is the bride’s mother after all. GK asks Hasmuk if he took his medication or not. Hasmuk says he can’t forget the medicine. He asks GK if the reports are saved. Vanraj is looking for Anuj.Anuj and Anupama fall in love when they see each other. Vanraj wants to speak to Anuj. Anuj leaves the place.

Shah congratulated anuj and anu. Devika illuminates that Samar, Paritosh and Pakhi arranged the mehendi by their own hands. Anupama gets profound. Devika told that they arranged for Anuj as well. Anuj says thanks to them. Anupama searches for Kinjal. Paritosh tell that Kinjal isn’t well and will go along with them later. Shah’s requests to begin the custom. Anuj observes Vanraj looking at him.

Leela wants to see Hasmuk’s report, but Rakhi interrupts her. Rakhi, though angry, asks Leela why she is attending the events. Leela escapes from Rakhi. Anupama goes to Kavya and thanks her for happily performing her duties. Kavya thanks Anupama for giving her the reason to be happy.She adds that she attended their wedding and was very supportive. Leela sarcastically claps her hands upon seeing Anupama and Kavya’s friendship. Kavya asks Leela to be happy to attend the events as well.

After that GK given anujh mother bangles to anu. Once seen the gift anu gets emotional. After that singer mika singh enter to the shah house, shah feels happy and surprised both anuj, mika are friends. Mika meets shah. After that anu fift radha krishna photo frame to mika. Shah think once event is over will take with anuj.

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