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Anupama 7 January 2021 Written Update: Shah said forgot past and start new life

Last updated on 7th January 2021

Anupama 7 January 2021 Written Update for season 1 Episode 154 promo. Once vanraj said sorry to his wife anu she said immediately said there is nothing left between the two of us. Also anu says you are a father, son and brother and father-in-law or nothing else and close the doors in front of shah. When anu close the doors shah feels sad, think herself alone. Later shah decided to celebrate new year. All the arrangements done by family members shah comes to hall and sit in the hall and said this year has been difficult for the whole family.

Also vanraj said to whole family members let’s forget that and must welcome the new year. When shah said like this anu stands silent. Later all the family members celebrated new year party, Samar and Anu performing dance for SRK song. When samar, anu performing dance pakhi, nandini and hasmukh, leela encouraged them. Once end the dance performance cut new year cake, pakhi given cake piece to shah and feels happy. After that vanraj cut the cake piece try to given anu but suddenly stopped and seen each other face & promo ends.

Recap: After vanraj comes to home completion operation kavya phone to shah to know how present injury condition but shah can’t lift the phone and switch of the phone. Later kavya phone to anu phone and asking to her given phone to shah. Leela drag the phone we can’t given phone to shah because he his sleep now. Later samar went to medical shop to buy the medicine. Leela asking to anu stop dance classes but can’t accepted for that.

Finally kavya phone to shah asking about health. Shah said iam live and asking to her don’t call me again. At that time anu comes to shah room and seen him when speaking to kavya. To know Anupama 7 January 2021 Written Episode Story follow Here it is the today episode written story.

Today Story

What kavya did at tosh marriage iam sorry, Anu said because of mine your facing more stress and try to leaves the room. Shah said what iam done for you so sorry. Anu said your a member of this house father, son and uncle but nothing else and close the door. Shah think himself alone. Once come out side samar asking to his mom are you. Anu said nothing happens. Samar taken khichdi to his father and asking to him let’s eat. Shah unable to eat khichdi, samar seen his father situation and help to him and anu seen what happen between samar and shah from outside and feels happy.

Shah asking to samar for me type leave application. Samar done what his father wants and given phone to him. Shah said your very fast in typing, Samar said iam not a topper like tosh but i know how to type leave letter. Shah asking to samar go to kavya home and bring my loptop. Samar comes to kavya home and kavya open the door. Samar asking to kavya given my dad loptop. Kavya brings the laptop and stick the note on laptop. Samar taken the laptop and comes to home.

Shah read the note what kavya write and thrown the note. Later pakhi comes to anu home and said dad calling you. Anu and pakhi comes to downstairs and seen surprise party. Shah said to his family members for me and family this year very not going well. So we start new life from new year. Pakhi asking to family members let’s start the party and shah sing the song.

After that pakhi and rest of family members performing the Shah Rukh Khan song. Shah seen their dance performance and fells happy. Other end kavya waiting for shah phone and think herself if shah can’t phone i will phone to him and wish him. Pakhi cut the cake and given cake piece to her father. Later shah hold the cake piece to given anu but anu can’t taken the piece of cake. Kavya thinks shah sleep at home.  Later anu taken the cool drinks for family members. Kavya once again phone to shah home. Meenu lift the phone but kavya don’t speak with her.

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