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Anupama 7 December 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Episode Spoiler

Anupama 7 December 2021 Written Update begins with vanraj. Vanraj said to anu can not change my decision and i want to live my life and you want to live like you like. Anu said not happens like this in our country. Also anu said in other country men, women if they want live each other acceptable but not here. If here happen like that every one in our family suffer. Also anu said divorce is last decision and please think once again and we try other choices also. Vanraj said anu what you said is correct and i am taken my decision. Then anu said you don’t love me at any cost but you and kavya relationship begins with love.

Anupama 7 Dec 2021 Written Update

Vanraj said yes my relationship with kavya begins with love. But in our life we forget love and we live each other ways. Also vanraj said i can’t love kavya. Anu said from beginning kavya rules you but you love you kavya. Vanraj said i love kavya but she try to separate our family. At that time vanraj, anu listen sounds which come from kavya room and went to kavya room. At that time kavya thrown things outside and vanraj catches. After that kavya asking to anu, vanraj let’s went out from my room and start crying. Anu comes to kavya and asking to her please stop crying. At that anu think herself what she done with samar and other family members. After that anu again try to stops kavya but kavya try to hurt herself.

Anupama 7th December 2021 Written Update 

Vanraj comes to kavya and shouts on kavya and asking to kavya let’s stop doing like this. Kavya starts crying and think herself when she is in same situation and comes to kavya and hugs her. Vanraj shouts on kavya and anu supports kavya and said i am supports if anyone crying. Other end anuj try to call anupama. GK comes to anuj and what are you doing. Anuj said i am trying to speak with anupama but she can’t lift the phone. Also anuj said i am speaking with samar he said to me except anu we went outside and anu, kavya inside the room. GK feels tension. Vanraj said to kavya if you still create a drama let’s done i am watching here.