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Anupama 5 November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj says i will marry kavya


Anupama 5 November 2020 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 100. Anupama 5 Nov 2020 Episode Story promo begins with vanaraj and anu. Vanraj said to his wife as soon as possible kavya and me get married. Then anu asking to his husband vanraj will your married kavya after paritosha marriage or before paritosh marriage.

And anu asking to vanraj you married kavya on the day of paritosh marriage day. Also, anu said do justice to you relation with kavya this time. After that samar asking to his mom please had dinner with us from today. At that time vanraj angry on his wife when she sit along with him but anu don’t care him.

In previous episode samar asking to his mom must teach indian dance to his students but anu said i can’t do that and suggested nandini name and said nandini is good dancer, she is taking care of me. But samar thinks few seconds and say yes.

After that vanraj comes to home and asking to his wife tea, breakfast. Then anu know jhilmil in leave, phone to jhilmil and asking to her who will sanction the leave. Jhilimil said the truth, anu asking to her come to the work and given shock to vanraj.

For today Anupama 5th Nov 2020 Episode Story updated here. Follow web portal for today story.


Vanraj gets a letterĀ 

Vanraj open lunch box and gets a letter in this letter anu written indian wife taking care of her husband, same i will do last 25 years but you will try to creat problem at house. Other end hasmuk eat cream roll, samar asking to stop eating. Then hasmuk call to anu and she finds hasmuk eat cream roll. At that time hasmuk asking to anu why did you teach dance lesson to samar students.

After that samar, dada, paritosh asking to anu please teach dance. At that time leela comes to them angry on hasmuk. Then leela asking to them why you are all shout her. Samar said we asking to mom let’s teach dance. Leela said she don’t teach dance because i will seen her once she done job.

After that vanraj phone to anu but she cut the phone and kinjal comes to kitchen and asking to anu may i help you anu says yes.


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