Anupama 5 May 2022 Written Update: Shah plans for anu, anuj’s sangeet

Anupama 5 May 2022 Written Update is Anupama comes to anuj and asking him no one looking entire college today. Anuj informed to him today is holiday. Anu wonder than how entry way was open. Anuj let anu know that he has a setting with the watchman. Anupama says everything has changed at this point. Anuj says nothing has been changed. The two of them review their school days. Anuj, Anupama investigates the school. Anupama discovers that Anuj rebuffed Vivek for ragging her.

She additionally discovered that Anuj was behind beginning the counter ragging in the school post the occurrence. Anupama gets overpowered. She requests that Anuj share all that anything he has accomplished for her previously. Anuj choose to tell Anupama everything. GK takes Hasmuk to the specialist. Hasmuk expresses gratitude toward GK for being there. GK choose to maintain Hasmuk’s disease mystery until the wedding. Vanraj spots Gk and Hasmuk and gets dubious.

Anuj, Anupama imparts a discussion to one another and dance on phela nasha, phela khumar tune. They further goes to the flask. Anuj, Anupama savors tea a similar cup. The two gets cheerful. Vanraj choose to observe what Hasmuk is stowing away. He observes demonstrative focus papers and stands stunned. Anupama imparts to Anuj that post her separation she was frightened experiencing passionate feelings for once more. She adds now she is pleased getting Anuj in her life. Anuj requests to keep their affection securely toward the side of the heart. Anupama shares she think, imagine a scenario where they would have met a long time back.

Anuj says everything is pre-settled. Anupama and Anuj plans an astounding sangeet and mehendi work. Meanwhile, Vanraj goes to scientist to observe what Hasmuk is stowing away. He discovers that it was simply nutrients. Hasmuk tells to Gk that fundamental medication report is with him. He requests that GK send the report to him. Vanraj tells Leela that her uncertainty was valid as Hasmuk is concealing something.

The Shah’s Plans for Anupama, the Sangeet of Anuj. Vanraj and Leela get angry. Vanraj believes Anupama hasn’t revealed how long their date will last. There Anuj and Anupama dance a romantic dance together in the song sajde. Vanraj is waiting for Anuj and Anupama. .Samar, Kinjal, Paritosh, and Pakhi get emotional thinking about Anupama’s wedding. Vanraj listens to the conversation and gets emotional. Devika says that Anupama is lucky to have Anuj. Samar says that Anuj has the same luck