Anupama 4 Nov 2020 Written Update Full Episode Story: Anupama feels depression

Anupama 4 Nov 2020 Written Update begins with samar. Anupama said to her son you must focus on your career. Then samar said to anupama please teach Indian dance to my students. Anu said i don’t do this, nandini teach the dance very well. Once listen nandini name samer silently stands infront of her mom. Then anupama said don’t think bad about nandini because she is good girl, she had good heart and she think about me.

Samar smiles, Anupama says if you smiles i feel good. Other end vanraj learning boxing with paritosh, paritosh said to his father please relaxed. Vanraj angry on his son and said i feel tensed. After that anupama went to kitchen, seen leela. Leela said when iam alive till that day i will make tea, breakfast for my son. Anupama asking to leela please leave kitchen and i will preparing everything but leela can’t leave the kitchen.

At that time anupama phone jhilmil and asking to her why don’t you come to home. Jhilmil says vanraj bhai said to me you are all went outside for 3 days. Anupama shocked to listen that, Vanraj asking tea to his mom and seen anu side, smiles. Later anu said to leela please leave the kitchen i will prepared the tea. Vanraj asking to his wife why did you make tea for me.

Anupama asking to vanraj why are you doing this. Vanraj says it’s my house and also, informed to his wife when iam return you must prepared tea, breakfast. Other end nandini, samar practice dance together. After that vanraj asking to anupama please bring breakfast for me.

At that time jhilmi brings breakfast, vanraj shocked and asking to anupama why did you call to jhilmil. Anupama says she is servant and we paid salary to her. Vanraj said i will pay the salary so i will sanctioned leave to her.

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