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Anupama 4 February 2021 Written Update: Vanraj given replay to divorce notice

Anupama 4 February 2021 Written Update begins with akhi asking to shah about divorce notice which is sent by anu. Also, rakhi said to shah you must be careful because your wife not leave you and she changed you. When rakhi speaking about kinjal gets a job in his position shah gets angry and stands silently. Also rakhi said to shah i know anu asking you divorce with out terms and conditions. Then shah said i will answered your questions as soon as possible, Rakhi says people hated you shah and kavya because what you done in this society and said to them your feature in danger and said bye to them.

Then shah think about his job, divorce notice which is send by his wife. After that pakhi seen her mom when speaking with her friends. Later anu seen her daughter and went to her said to her i will bring burger for you and given burger to you but sweety can’t taken burger which is given by her mom and went from her. Anu asking to sweety how are you at home. Sweety says i am fine, Anu asking to her daughter about upcoming function preparations. Sweety think herself what kavya said to her when asking about program preparations and said bye to her mom.

Leela said to anu initially angry on kinjal and now happy to seen her. Suddenly shah comes to his home and asking to anu you want answer for divorce notice and given answer to divorce notice. After that shah asking to anu what you want i will given you but you spread about divorce to the people because of that this society seen me as a bad guy. Anu asking to shah what you want now. Shah asking to anu let’s read the notice papers, Anu open the papers, Shah said i know you did not no english.

After that samar read the divorce notice and all the family members feels tension when samar read the notice. Anu asking to samar what he written in the papers. Leela asking to her grand son what he written in the notice. Samar try to said what shah written in the notice then kinjal read the notice said to family members “mentally unstable” because of that i want divorce from my wife. Hasmukh asking to his son how you behave like this. Shah said to his family members this matter between me and my wife so no one involved in this matter. After that anu angry on shah

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