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Anupama 3 December 2020 Written Update Episode 124: Kavya loses her cool


Anupama 3 December 2020 Written Update for Episode 124. Leela said they are not like us. Hasmukh said yes they are not like us but we also like anu and vanraj, in my entire life went outside, do job and earn money and also, you mange the house. Leela said vanraj did mistake but he his right, Hasmukh says ok but he his our son not a god. Also, hasmukh said if same mistake did anupama, if i am killed someone and says it’s mistake they forgive me. Leela crying, Hasmukh said if vanraj did mistake we also responsible for that. Also, hasmukh said if you crying our son not returned to home.

Hasmukh said i know why you crying but we know if daughter-in-law crying not good for us. Leela leave the hasmukh, Hasmukh recognized something fired, went to anu and said to her iron box heated. Anu said i forget it papa. At kavya house kavya asking to shah something order for to eat. Shah said i don’t eat. After that kavya given coffee to shah and said sorry to shaha because she don’t know how to prepare tea. After that kavya asking to shah you come here when you are in angry, if you lose angry you don’t home. Shah remembered what happen his house.


After that shah said i am leaving my house when i am angry but i came here because i love you. At home paritosh holds his wedding ring, crying and kept in front of god. Anu seen him and called him. Tosh said i know my marriage with kinjal don’t happen and asking to his mom no one listen my and kinjal decisions, said because of my parents my relationship is over. Later anu given ring to paritosh. Shah performing excersice, asking to please hold my legs, Kavya says iam in work, i send important mail.

After that leela seen kinjal, angry on her. Anu asking to leela don’t say anything to her. Kinjal asking to leela please don’t angry on me. Again leela angry on kinjal because what rakhi did for her family. After that shah asking to kavya prepared protin shake, kavya says i don’t how take make. Later shah asking to kavya where is my tie. Kavya says because of tie why you did thrown your clothes on this bed, informed to him don’t do again.


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