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Anupama 27 November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj Humiliates Anupama

Anupama 27 November 2020 Written Update begins with vanraj said anupama. Leela asking her son anupama. Vanraj said to his mom from 25 years she is done mistakes, Leela asking to his son please stop but he says everyone listen about her i.e if we went restaurant she don’t know how to read, she select low price item. Also shah said to his mom i don’t want this type wife. Anu crying to listen what her husband said, Shah said i want modern type of wife. Samar and His uncle feels shy to listen shah words.

Shah said i will done my sister marriage and all set for my children’s studies but if i think about my happiness everyone think about wrong. Also, shah asking to his parents what i am doing and Shah comes to anu because of you i will move close to kavya. Samar asking to his dad please stop it now, Because of you today i am stand in front of my family. At that time hasmukh stops his son and said to him you done mistake and humiliates anupama, If you done mistake must ask apology but you can’t. At that time hasmukh suddenly feels unhealth.

Anu given medicine to him, Hasmukh said ok iam alright. Anu asking to her uncle please stop this matter here. Vanraj comes to his dad but hasmukh asking to leela don’t stand him in front of me. Then anuraj leaves the hall and seen anu side. After that hasmukh said to anu if you feel well i will feel the same. Later shah phone to kavya and informed to her everything i.e what happen at home. Anu comes to his children and hugs them. Hasmukh asking to his wife what happen in this house. Shah comes to his parents room at that time leela crying.

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