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Anupama 27 February 2021 Written Update: Anu, Shah Searching for Pakhi

Anupama 27 February 2021 Telly Updates For Starplus Season 1 Episode 198 Hindi Serial. Today episode release on Disney Plus Hotstar after 6.00 AM. Here it is the previous episode story shah, anu discussing about pakhi. Suddenly kavya comes to kitchen and asking to them what happen to pakhi. Shah said everything fine, asking to kavya went out from kitchen. After that anu arranged everything for dinner.

Hasmukh said to anu asking to pakhi come for dinner. Other end rakhi asking to kavya about marriage, Leela angry on them. Later anu taken the food for pakhi and went to pakhi room. But once entered the room Anu recognized a letter, shouts. Shah, Kavya, Hasmukh, Leela comes to anu. Anu shown letter to shah, Shah read the Letter in front of Family members.

Once read the letter shah other family membered know pakhi left the house because shah, anu divorce. Then shah, anu starts searching for pakhi, Rakhi phone to commissioner and informed to police about pakhi is missing. To know upcoming Anupama Episode 198 Story follow zeal study web portal.

Anupama 27 February 2021 Written Update

Spoiler for today episode anupama drive the car, shah looking for pakhi both sides the road. When they searching anu crying, shah asking to his wife please do not cry and nothing happen our daughter. Few minutes later anu, shah recognized police vehicle and stops their car and listen conversation of police when they speaking common people.

At that time common people informed to police kidnapers kidnaped a lady. Anu feels tension, Shah said to her nothing happen to pakhi and drive the vehicle and starts searching for pakhi all over the city. Other end pakhi in trouble. To know today episode story i.e Anu, Shah finds here daughter or not, What happen to pakhi follow zeal study

Today Episode Story

Anu drive the car, Shah hold the phone. Anu said to shah if pakhi finds i will said sorry to her. Shah said iam also do the same. At that time anu stops the car to seen police vehicle, Local people said to inspector kidnappers kidnapped ladies in this area. Police said i will find out soon. Other end pakhi sleep on the bench, at that time 3 young boys come to her. Once seen them pakhi running inside the forest. After that 3 young says why she running inside the forest when we try to help her.

Kavya asking to rakhi when you started acting, Rakhi said it’s not acting. At home leela, hamukh crying. After that 3 young guys informed to shah, anu your daughter went inside the forest. Once know the information both are went inside the forest. After that kidnappers kidnapped pakhi, Pakhi went unconscious. After that kidnappers try to start the car and anu listen pakhi sound. Later kidnappers starts the car and anu running behind the car. Few minutes later police catches kidnappers, Shah, Anu finds their daughter and return to home.

After that leela said thanks to rakhi because you stand with us when we are in deep problem. Later Anu hugs rakhi, Kinjal and Toshu feels happy to seen rakhi

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