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Anupama 26 November 2020 Written Update: Leela slaps her son shah


Anupama 26 November 2020 Written Update for episode 118 season 1. Today episode promo vanraj finally reaches his house from vadodara resort. Anu stand alone at front door, Vanraj stops his car, comes to home. Leela come outside from main door, All the family members stand behinds leela when vanraj reaches main door.

Vanraj slowly walks and reached his mom and called mom. Then leela slaps in front of family members, Anu seen her husband when her aunt slaps her husband. All the family members feels sad to seen what happen to vanraj. At that time leela said to her son iam feeling shamed to seen you.

In previous episode Rakhi successfully accomplished her plan i.e all the family members of anu including kinjal seen when shah proposed to kavy on her birthday. Once shah family members seend him hasmukh asking to family members leave the resort immediately & Rakhi informed to shah & his family members i can’t accepted kinjal & tosh marriage.

Today Episode


Anu and all the family members comes to their home. After that anu, leela remembered rakhi words about shah, Paritosh remembered i.e rakhi remove ring from kinjal hands and crying. Later anu comes to kitchen and prepared for juice for tosh, given medicine to hasmukh and asking to hasmukha you don’t listen daughter words. Then hasmukh says i will accepted as a daughter but you hide truth. Anu asking to hasmukh please take medcine but hasmukh says no.

After that hasmukh says what happen to vanraj is happen but why hide this. Anu crying and says i feel fear and asking to her uncle let’s taken medicine. Then hasmukh taken the medicine and asking to anu when it is happen and how it is happen to vanraj. All the family members looking anu side but she stands silently. Later leela angry on anu asking to her we know the truth so let’s tell me when it happens. Paritosh says past 8 years. Later anupriya went to kitchen and crying, paritosh explains everything.

Vanraj drive the car and think what happen to him and leela comes to main door and waiting for his son. Once he comes leela slaps and said i feel shamed to seen you.


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