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Anupama 25 November 2020 Written Update Hindi Serial Episode 117

Anupama 25 November 2020 Written Update for StarPlus Hindi Serial Episode 17 begins with all the family members stand in front of shah, kavya. Vanraj feels shy and anu crying. At that time rakhi try to say something but anu said stop because my uncle health is not well, this family is mine so don’t say about my family. Rakhi says i am sorry, i am not like you, i don’t cover husband extra marriage affairs’. Also, rakhi said it’s my plan. Paritosh, Husmukh, Samar shocked to listen rakhi plan. After that rakhi said to hasmukh i am done this because you are all know what is the truth about your son. At that time kinjal asking to rakhi please stop it, Rakhi angry on her daughter, shouts leave me.

After that rakhi said to kinjal your my daughter, not behave like my mother and what iam done here because of you. Also rakhi asking to anu if your in my place, in place of my daughter your daughter what you have to do. All the family members stands silently, Rakhi asking to anu how can i accepted kinjal, paritosh marriage. After that rakhi said to hasmukh i will shown the which is hide your son and daughter-in-law. Anu asking to rakhi please stop it, Rakhi says i can’t do anything, i will tell you the truth.

Vanraj feels shy, anu asking to rakhi please stop it. But rakhi said to hasmukh both kavya, hamukh together from past few years. Leela starts crying, Rakhi remove the ring from kinjal hands, thrown away and says i can’t accepted my daughter marriage with paritosh. Also, rakhi informed to paritosh if i seen you with my daughter i will released the video what you have done here.  Also, rakhi asking to kinjal come with, said to anu family must leave the resort other wise you will pay the bill.

After that hamukh asking to leela and other family members let’s return to home. Vanraj says to kavya i have to go home. Kavya asking to him why you leave me alone now. Vanraj says try to understand my problem.

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