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Anupama 23 November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj, Kavya in party mood


Anupama 23 November 2020 Written Update. Anupama 23 November 2020 Episode 115 Promo Begins with vanraj and kavya both are in party mood and spend quality time together. Other end leela, anu and samar other family members performing Kangana Ranaut Queen Movie song i.e London Thumakda dance at their room.

Kavya irritating for huge sound, said to this to much yar. Then shah said to kavya let’s wait i will phone to their room and asking to them let’s drop the sound & phone to anu room. Anu lift the phone and say hello. Shah try to speak with anu but once listen the her voice stops speaking.

In previous episode rakhi disturbed anu when said resort name to anu. After that all the family of members occupied theirs rooms, anu comes to room. Later vanraj, kavya return to their room but key not working. Vanraj try to open the door, anu listen his voice and come outside from the room. But shah, kavya room door opened & went inside the room.

Today Story


Today Anupama Episode 115 Written Episode provided here. Follow for full story respective Hindi serial. Today episode story begins with anu ring the bell of vanraj room but they don’t open room door at that anu asking to room service who is in the room. Then he said couple, Anu says it’s ok and went inside her room.

Vanraj, Kavya spend romantic time & poritosh, samar dance at their room. Rakhi think herself mrs.patel given close rooms it causes my plan fail. Vanraj sing a song for kavya. After that shah sister comes to room and said to family members some one plan surprise birthday party at down stairs. Then tosh, leela asking to anu performing dance. Anu performing the dance, kavya said to shaha neighbour room mates disturbing us. Then shah phone to anu room.

Anu lift the phone but suddenly thrown pillow on anu, cut the phone. Shah again phone to anu room but it’s getting engage. Shah said to kavya i will informed to them wait. But kavya says no stay with me. After that day changed anu family members come outside from the rooms, played at garden. Then rakhi says let’s play badminton. Then janki informed to rakhi both shah, kavya can’t get ouside from the room. Rakhi informed to janki at any cost both are come outside from the room. Hasmukh, tosh played badminton. Then hasmukh asking to leela let’s play badminton.


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