Anupama 22 April 2022 Written Update: Anuj surprised anupama

Anupama 22 April 2022 Written Update i.e Pakhi, Kinjal, Paritosh and Samar examine about Anuj’s decency. Vanraj over hears the discussion and stands dazed. Kinjal asks Vanraj the justification behind being there. Vanraj inquired as to whether they had some good times or not. Pakhi told they had heaps of tomfoolery. Vanraj acclaim Paritosh for going to the capacity.

Kinjal inquires as to whether he needs to say anything. Vanraj gets away from the spot. Samar says he don’t figure out Vanraj. He says why he is vexed in the event that Anupama is getting hitched, when he never kept last blissful. Kinjal makes Samar, Partiosh and Pakhi that Vanraj loves them a ton and he is dreading assuming Anuj will grab them from him. They choose to deal with Vanraj so he doesn’t understand. Kinjal, Pakhi, Samar and Partiosh wishes Anupama’s wedding happen without a hitch.

Anupama 22 April 2022 Written Update

There, Hasmuk makes a game plan for Anupama’s nail trim. Anupama gets stricken. She asks Hasmuk for what reason he is accomplishing such a great deal for her. Hasmuk says a dad assumes control over when mother isn’t mindful. He nail trims of Anupama. Hasmuk feels restless. Anupama stresses for Hasmuk’s wellbeing. Hasmuk lie to Anupama that he has eaten slick in this manner he is having an acridity. Anupama chastens Hasmuk for being thoughtless.

Hasmuk feels uncomfortable yet imagine he is fine before Anupama. Leela insults Anupama for taking nail trim from Hasmuk. Hasmuk side Anupama. He requests that Leela get away from the spot in the event that she can’t see him doing Anupama’s nail trim. Afterward, Anupama prepares to meet Anuj. The two gets stricken seeing one another. Kinjal requests that Anuj drop Anupama home securely. Anuj guarantees Anupama. Anupama gets astounded winding up at the daimond gems shop.

Anupama 22 April 2022 Written Episode

Anuj quiets Anupama post she gets anxious seeing jewel ring. He plays with Anupama. Anuj further requests that Anupama pick her wedding band. Anupama gets stricken seeing Anuj. She review her past and sit mournful. Kinjal, samar, pakhi and paritosh choose ring for anuj. Hasmuk dislikes the hoop. Pakhi, kinjal tries to persuade hasmuk to agree upon the hoop. Samar asks god to bless the ring so that anupama might be usually glad. Vanraj gives sad look to samar from at the back of. Anupama shares with anuj that she by no means dreamed of having diamond ring however he made it feasible for her. She receives teary.