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Anupama 21 November 2020 Written Update: Rakhi try to prove vanraj at resort


Anupama 21 November 2020 Written Update: Anupama Episode 114 begins with all the family members went to resort where vanraj, kavya is their. When they are sit in the vehicle nandini singing songs, Samar said finally mom come with us outside. Leela asking to anu did you informed to shah we went outside, Anu says yes. Rakhi waiting for vanraj family members and finally shaha family reached the resort and went inside the resort but anu saree stuck back side of the vehicle door. Behind anu vanraj, kavya stands at swimming pool.

Rakhi hugs leela and says thank you, Leela said rakhi till tosh and kinjal marriage you stay at resort only. After that anu met rakhi. At that time rakhi asking to shah family members to drink tea at pool side restaurant. But anu family said no and went inside the room. Later kinjal asking to her mom please done anything wrong here. When anu try to went inside the resort vanraj phone to anu asking to where are you now. Anu said we are all come outside and try to said resort name but suddenly rakhi hits anu, phone fallen on the floor & said sorry to her. After that rakhi think herself if vanraj know anu and all the family members is here they leave the resort.


After that both rakhi and anu went to rooms, said never know may be vanraj directly comes to this resort so just relax and enjoy. Both vanraj, kavya comes to their room but can’t open the room door. Anu listen vanraj voice and come outside but both vanraj, kavya went to their room, Anu doubt on vanraj i.e both vanraj and kavya here in this resort.

After thavt anu went to vanraj room and ring the bell. Vanraj asking to kavy do you order anything, Kavya said no.


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