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Anupama 21 January 2021 Written Update Episode: Shah Again Went To Kavya Home

Anupama 21 January 2021 Written Update for Episode 166 Season 1. Here it is the promo story of today episode that is Anu said to shah nothing to do from my side breakdown your relationships with your father, mother and our children but i will breakdown relationship with you. After that kavya said to shah i will given second chance to shah. At that time shah stands outside, middle of the his house and kavya house and think himself what can i do. After that shah comes to kavya home and stand outside the home. Kavya recognized shah appearance at home, open the door and shah went inside the home. When shah went to kavya home anu identified & shah also identified when anu seen him.

Previous Episode Story

Leela informed to anu about washing machine. Anu feels happy and said thanks to hasmukh. Later leela informed to anu this washing machine buy shah for you. Then anu asking to shah why did you do this, i will pay the price of washing machine. Later leela angry on anu, hasmukh defends anu. After that leela said to her daughter-in-law my son can’t leave the house if he leave the house i will thrown you outside. Then hasmukh says anu is our lakshmi and you said to her thrown out from the house. Also, hasmukh says if she went outside from the house and i will thrown you leela from this house. Later shah seen kavya boy friend entered into kavya’s home and kavya seen shah also.

After that leela said to hasmukh at any cost you forgive shah mistakes. Hashmukh asking to leela don’t ask anything to me, and i can’t forgive shah mistakes. Leela says if you can’t accept his mistakes their relationship is over. Other end shah think himself why anirudh comes to kavya home, i think kavya asking him to come to the home & also he think how can i know the truth. To know Anupama 21st January 2021 Written Episode Follow Zeal Study Web Portal.

Today Episode Story

Shah holds anu hands and said to her i will become your husband again, Anu said what happen between us before i know. Shah said i know i will done mistakes since past 25 years and this time i will try to rectified my mistakes. Also, shah said to anu when iam leaving the house i don’t along with house i will leave the family and now i will return to home, i want to stay with each and every family member and i will become your husband. Then anu said till the date i will recognized as a paritosh father so in between us maintain same relationship.

Also anu said initially you had problems with me you went to kavya home and now you had problems with kavya and return to our home and you initially think my love as a work and now you think my work as a love. Shah said i will changed and i know i will hurt you. After that samar met nandini and said to her sorry and asking to her why did you tell me and hugs her. Then nandini said to samar please don’t love me and just go away from me. Samar said ok i will leave you but i love you. Then nandini hugs samar

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