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Anupama 20 November 2020 Written Update: Rakhi sent vanraj, kavya photos to anu


Anupama 20 November 2020 Written Update For Star Plus Hindi Serial Episode 113 Season 1. Here it is the promo twist for today’s episode. Check promo and follow Disney Plus Hotstar for premium episode. Only premium episodes available for VIP/ Premium subscribers. For complete story of anupama 19 nov 2020 follow zeal study.

Rakhi capture the picture of vanraj and kavya when they spend quality time at resort. After that kinjal comes to anu & asking to her went to home. Anu asking to kinjal why & what happen. Then kinjal informed to anu mom calling your home and send some pictures, every one in the family upset to seen pictures. After that anu reached home.

At vanraj home leela, hasmukh, paritosh wait for anu. Once anu reached the home leela shown picture i.e both vanraj and kavya together. Later anu feels nervous, hasmukh feels sad & paritosh, samar, nandini & kinjal comes to home, seen her mom and asking to her what happen.

Anupama 20 Nov 2020 Full Episode released on Hotstar Today 6.00 AM. Complete story of anupama provided here.


Today Episode

Vanraj phone to anu informed to papa i am at hyderabad. Then anupama says ok but every 2 to 3 hours phone to papa. Vanraj says iam not your servant. At that time anu says uncle calling to you but your phone not reached & said in gujarati language. Vanraj shocked and think himself anu recognized iam not at hyderabad. Other end rakhi informed to her friend janki about kavya, shah relationship. Rakhi asking help to janki to teach a lesson to shah.

Vanraj wear kavya presents t-shirt, kavya seen shah and hugs him. After that shah said to kavya i.e rakhi is here in this resort. Kavya shocked, Later shah says it’s joke. Then rakhi listen their words, think herself thank god shah can’t seen me here. At home anu teach dance to her students & at resort rakhi capture shah & kavya videos to leela phone. Anu seen the photos and shocked i.e rakhi photo. Leela angry to seen rakhi photo and asking anu why she send her photos to me.

After that rakhi phone to anu house and said mr.shah please come to resort i will book rooms for you and i will send vehicle to your home. All the family member feels happy & anu think herself why rakhi asking to come resort. Later janki informed to rakhi about shah arranged birthday party to kavya. At home all the family memembers ready to went to resort.


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