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Anupama 1st February 2021 Written Update: Shah again comes to his office cabin

Anupama 1st February 2021 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 175. Today Anupama episode promo begins with shah comes to his office room when kavya asking to anupama sit her office chair and anu sit in the chair. Once entered the office room shah asking to his wife how dare you sit in my chair. Then anu says i didn’t know that this was you cabin, Kavya join with shah. Later shah said to his wife my name is so clearly written on the door.

Later realized written on the door kinjal shah name and anu said to him if you try to creating a scene you will be defamed. Also anu said once you defamed no matter how high you place the name plate, the name still stays down. To know Anupama 1 February 2021 Written Episode follow zeal study web portal. Today early morning 6.00 AM today episode released on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP Subscribers. Also the same episode aired on Star Plus channel.

In previous episode kavya informed to shah i don’t know kinjal appointed as a new project head and i will work under her & i will informed to her everything regarding new project. At home kinjal said to family members i don’t know i will appointed in uncles place, If i know i couldn’t attend the interview. Later leela asking to kinjal don’t say lie to me, I know you know everything & you will attend the interview that purpose only. Kinjal replayed to leela how can i do this, Leela says to defame my son. Also leela said to kinjal along with your aunt done this. Kinjal, Anu says what are you saying & leela replayed to her you just used her to you advantage.

Then anu asking to leela did you know the shah office. Then Leela says just kinjal said it it’s a very big company. After that anu said i didn’t know anything else i just found out and how can i even tell kinajl to join the company. The leela shouts on rakhi & toshu says daadi don’t involve rakhi aunty name in all this. Also toshu says if kinal knew about it she did not go for the interview. Anu says what toshu said is correct if i knew about it i wouldn’t have sent her. After that leela said to kinjal you must work with kavya. Kinjal says yes daadi but i know how to handle professional and personnel life and kavya is a hard working professional women.

Today Episode Story

Today episode begins with pakhi went with kavya. After that anu think herself sweety what your father think about me not important, what you think about me is important. Also anu think sweetie if you think about me bad it’s hurts me. Later kijal comes to kitchen when preparing the food. Anu said to her i will learns so much from you kinjal. Then kinjal informed to anu kavya also working with me, Anu says ok no problem. Then kinjal asking to her aunt about did uncle answer for your divorce papers. Anu says no.

Other end shah gets phone call from office, Shah informed to kavya i will also come with you to office to set my dues. At anu home all the family members said to kinjal, toshu all the best and kinjal asking to anu please come with me to the office for draping because your lucky charming. Then anu ready drops kinal at her office. Finally anu, kinal entered the office, Kavya seen them. Other end shah met his boss and discussing about dews. Later kinjal taken anu into her cabin, anu feels happy

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