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Anupama 19 November 2020 Written Update: rakhi seen vanraj, kavya at resort

Anupama 19 November 2020 Written Update for Star Plus Hindi Family Drama Episode 112. Samar wishes everyone happy new year, Anupama also wishes to. Later nandini comes with yoga mats, asking to anu let’s start the yoga. When leela, hasmukh along with anu, samar, nandini speaks each other vanraj come out side and seen anu wearing the shoes and informed to her saree with shoes & informed to his wife be careful if did wrong with shoes fallen on the floor. After that anu along with samar, hasmukh come out side for walk & practice yoga.

While doing yoga samar asking to his grand dad asking to drink coconut water and went outside from the park to buy coconut water. At that time nandini asking to anu performing meditation. When performing the mediation anu remembers vanraj, kavya and feels tension. Nandini recognized anu behavior, asking to her please relax & explains about inner healing. After that samar brings coconut water to anu & nandini.

Later anu asking to samar what’s time now. Samar says it’s 8.00 AM, Anu running towards to home. When she reached the home vanraj comeout side, Anu asking to vanraj about kavya’s birthday. Vanraj shocked and leaves the house. Once vanraj leaves the house anu did work at kitche. At that time rakhi and her daughter kinjal comes to vanraj house. Anu seen them says jai sri krishna, Kinjal says happy new year. All the family members greets rakhi and nandhi. Kinjal says sorry to leela behalf of her dad.

After that rakhi asking to where is vanraj. Leela says he went to Hyderabad for some urgent work. Rakshi says ye he his hard worker, at a time his running two houses. Anu shocked, Leela can’t understand what rakhi says. Then after anu said to rakhi about paritosh and kinjal marriage, Rakshi says it’s to early to discussing about their marriage because soon their exams. Leela says just discussing about their marriage, we done their marriage later. Rakhi says no and says now a days wife sit alone at house and their husbands maintain illegal relationships outsides. Anu says if we love husband he don’t do like that, If can’t love husband i don’t won’t discussing about it so before speaks like that must think about it.

Leela angry on rakhi, Rakhi says we leave the city for few days. Once we come to city we will discussing and decided kinjal and paritosh marriage. Other end vanraj, kavya spend quality time each other at resort. Also, rakhi seen both vanraj, kavya at resort

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