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Anupama 18th November 2020 Written Update: Vanraj raise hands on anu


Anupama 18th November 2020 Written Update for Promo Episode 111. Today episode promo begins with vanraj angry on anu because she performing pooja alone. At that time anu says shu up vanraj your crossing your limits. Also, anu says if this was in the past, i’d have lost my patience & and now i definitely am not patient.

Vanrah said to his wife you seem to have mustered courage. Then anu says if i have to reach great heights i will to so much. Later vanraj shouts anupama, gets angry & raise hand on anu. Anu holds vanraj hand replayed to him like this i have tolerated enough, here after if you dare to raise your voice, hands on me and my family must face the consequences.

In previous episode vanraj lose the project, boss angry on him and kavya comes to vanraj to informed about lose the project. But vanraj said to kavya because of you i will lose the project and bonus. Other end anupama and family members wait for vanraj. Later anu performing the pooja.

Today episode story


Anupriya said to vanraj about relationships. Vanraj shouts on anu to say about relationships. Anu says i don’t fear to seen you and asking to vanraj come to downstairs, said sorry to everyone. Vanraj claps and said to anu turn my family to your side & even nandini shown attitude on me.

Anu informed to her husband what he did wrong. Vanraj shouts on anu but anu countered him, says from now don’t angry on me and my family and comes to downstairs, samar hugs his mom, taken selfie with family members. Then leela asking to hasmukh all are celebrating festival but my son not here.

After that kavya gets the flower bookey was from anirudh. Kavya gets angry and think herself vanraj send this flower bookey. Later anu asking blessing of leel, hasmukh. Then leela asking to anu do you asking vanraj where he is yesterday night.

Hasmukh said to leela why you asking to anu, asking your son. Vanraj comes to parents, taken blessing from them


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