Anupama 17 August 2022 Written Update: Anuj opens eyes and takes Anupama’s name

Anupama 17 August 2022 Written Update Spoiler Anu Vanraj conflict Anupama meets Anuj and requests him to awaken and erase her tears. She tells that she really wants him back in her life, he ought to break out of the unconsciousness. She becomes profound. She lets him know that she believes him should get up. She requests that he hear Anu’s verse for him. The family likewise asks that Anu emerges from the trance state. Anuj at long last opens eyes and takes Anupama’s name. Anupama gets blissful, while the family watches the wonder from outside.

Specialist actually looks at Anuj’s advancement. Anupama’s joy doesn’t fulfill Barkha. She tells that Anupama ought to affirm it from Anuj that Vanraj attempted to kill him. Anupama tells I love you to Anuj. Anuj answers with I love you as well. They have a sweet snapshot of harmony. He tracks down the family outside and waves to them. Anupama requests that Anuj keep composed. Anuj reviews a battle at the precipice and names Vanraj. Anupama is stunned at the notice, while Barkha requests Vanraj’s capture. Anupama likewise gets against Vanraj.

Anupama 17 August 2022 Written Update

Channel Name Star Plus
Episode Gener Family Drama
Episode 658
Serial Language Hindi

He tells that whatever happened ought to have not occurred. Anupama requests that he shut up, else she will slap him. She additionally considers him answerable for Anuj’s mishap. Barkha watches their warmed contention and gets content with the result. She believed Anupama and Vanraj should have a conflict. Kavya attempts to quiet down Anupama, and shields Vanraj who can never endeavor to hurt Anuj. In the previous episode Barkha accuses vanraj 0of attempting to murder anuj while arguing with the shahs in the cafeteria. Anupama becomes enraged when barkha questions her character.