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Anupama 16th December 2020 Written Update: Tosh, Kinjal Married Each Other

Rakhi comes to shah house and creates scene outside and said to inspector shah son paritosh kidnapped my daughter and informed to inspector about shah relationship with kavya. At that time Anupama shouts on rakhi and said to her don’t say anything about my family. Rakhi crying, asking to inspector please save my daughter. Anupama said to rakhi kinjal also daughter for me so we both searching for kinjal and tosh. Shah said to rakhi what anupama said is correct but rakhi asking to inspector please arrested anupama and his family.

Shah asking to inspector why you arrested us. Police said rakhi complaint on your family that’s why we arrested you. Then shah said we also registered complaint on rakhi because she kidnapped my son. Rakhi angry on shah, Shah said no one from my family not comes to station. Rakhi asking to inspector please arrested them. At that time kinjal, paritosh comes to them. Once both family shocked to seen kinjal, tosh because they married each other. After that kinjal said inspector we married, tosh given marriage certificate to inspector.

Inspector said to rakhi we are sorry because kinjal, tosh are majors and they married each other with their interested and leave the place. After that rakhi comes to kinjal try to slap her but anupama holds rakhi hand, rakhi said to anupama don’t stop me because she is my daughter. Anupama said she is your daughter but from now she is my daughter-in-law. Rakhi said to kinjal you seen my love but from now my angryness and leaves the place.

Once rakhi leave the house anupama asking to their family members come inside the home. Rakhi walking on the road and shouts on anupama. Kinjal, Tosh said sorry to anupama, Shah angry on kinjal and tosh said to anupama next pakhi and samar did same.

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