Anupama 16 May 2022 Written Update: Anu, Anuj Haldi Function Over

Anupama 16 May 2022 Written Update is Jignesh asks for some information about 7th Day. Anuj says it’s a weekly day out. Kinjal asking to paritosh to seen anuj learn something from him. Paritosh says anuj decency is destroying life. Jignesh says well he his single. Shah giggles. Anupama expresses gratitude toward anuj for giving admiration ladies. She feel honored to have anuj in her life. Anu gets profound and expresses gratitude toward anuj for giving her regard. Shah’s finished haldi function with anupama. Leela and vanraj sit angered.

Anuj and Anu invites transgenders, transgenders come on anuj welcome. Anuj and Anupama shares with them that they are at long last getting hitched. transgenders out there says her approval never goes to no end. Anuj says according to his guarantee he called them. transgenders feels better with Anuj’s philosophy. They favor Anuj and Anupama and decline to take anything consequently. Devika says MaAn’s marriage is way breaking.

Anupama feed desserts to transgenders. Kanta says the outsider came and favored the couple to be and insults Leela for not keeping a worth of 27 years in length relationship. She says time is still left. Hasmuk requests that Kanta overlook Vanraj and Leela. Further, Anupama and Anuj expresses gratitude toward Shah’s for making their exceptional day more unique. They says other would have requested that they wed in sanctuary. Be that as it may, how Shah’s are remaining in their good and bad is overpowering. Anuj, Anupama feels honored being around Shah’s and says everybody ought to get a family like them. Vanraj and Leela sit angry.