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Anupama 16 January 2021 Written Update: Vanraj Shah Cares For Anupama

Anupama 16 January 2021 Written Update for Episode 162 begins with nandini and samar. When nandini drink water samar dreamed he performing the dance with her and in dreams samar said i love you nandini. Once come out from dream nandini given kite to samar, samar thinks himself how can i say i love you. Other end anu fly the kite and all the family members encouraged her, kavya try to cut the anu kite. Vanraj recognized kavya plan and samar, tosh recognized the letters which is written on kite i.e Miss You V, I Love You V. After that anu cut oppisition kite and said shah family win the competition. Later shah comes to anu and hold the charkhi but anu can’t recognized and shouts samar please release thread. Later anu realised shah hold the charkhi.

After anu seen what kavya written on the kites and taken the charkhi and fly the kite. At that time anu put the leg on chakhi and fallen on floor at that time shah holds anu hands and anu just miss big injury. After that kavya cut her hand with the help of manjha thread. Nandini asking to kavya why you did this. Later shah said to anu i will went to kavya room, Anu asking to shah why you informed to me. But shah try to say something to anu but suddenly kinjal comes to anu said to her all the family members call to you. Once again shah try to say something to anu but she leaves him again. At home kavya remembered shah saves anu life, Nandini shocked to seen kavya behavior.

Nandini asking to kavya why did you do this, Kavya says it’s love. Nandini says i think it’s not love and asking to kavya please stop this nonsense. Kavya hugs nandini and says i can’t move because i love shah. Also kavya says shah can’t leave me and not went to anu home

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